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Meet  the  Team


Melissa Degen 

Owner, Event Planner, Florist, Plant Stylist, Master Gardener




Super Hero Strength: Design 

Hey Ya' all! 


My name is Melissa, I am likely one of the biggest plant and flower geeks you will ever meet, besides my husband Jeremie, of course. He and most people in my life would also attest that I am a self acclaimed perfectionist when it comes to design.


I have been planning events since I was old enough to know what one was and have spent the majority of the past 15 years in my adult career doing just that. 

With a 15 year background in holistic health and wellness, I know how much our space impacts how we feel. My goal is to work with you to create a MAGICAL event experience, gorgeous plant empowerment space and custom arrangments for you. 

We specialize in floral and plant design for events and commercial and residential spaces. But we also offer event planning services to connect you and help you organize to everything else you need to make your event perfect.

We do events big and small- Weddings, Bachelorette Parties, Dinner Parties, Girls Night Out, Everyday Celebrations, Birthday's, Anniversaries, Graduations, Funerals, Fundraisers and Corporate Events.


Jermie Degen

Owner, Master Gardener, Orchid Yoda, Plant Daddy




Super Hero Strength: Plant Care



My name is Jeremie, Also know as the, "Plant Daddy."  I specialize in orchid care and bloom retention. I am also very passionate about tropical house plant care. When you choose our services for plant care we onluse the absolute highest quality supplies and technology. I am have a "No plant left behind motto."   

I work full time for a company called AvPro in Sioux Falls. Technology and customer service is something that I am passionate about and that I bring that to the table with our team of plant care. If you choose Wyld Honey to decorate your workplace, home, restaurant or event, I make sure place for plant health is a vital part of our services so your plants and flowers thrive creating a not only a beautiful space but also thriving plants. 


The Flower Fairies 

Skye-12, Lainie-4, Zaylee-2

Family will always be the very most important thing to use. When we are not both working or running the shop our kiddos keep us busy. When they grow they also want to work in the flowers

Super Hero Strength: Spreading Flower Power

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